HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast

* The Gun Turret Experience
* Hear Veteran’s first hand experience in the Life at Sea Exhibition
* Nine decks of amazing history
* Free audio guides available in English, French, German and Spanish

Originally a Royal Navy light cruiser, HMS Belfast gives visitors an insight into life onboard a bustling warship during WWII. Once home to a crew of up to 950 men, HMS Belfast is now part of Imperial War Museums and is dedicated to telling the stories of those who lived and worked on board this huge ship.

There’s nine decks packed full of fascinating wartime history; you can venture into the interactive Operations Room and see how the ship works, and creep even deeper still into the bowels of the ship in the Engine Room. Check out the view up the Thames from HMS Belfast’s elevated vantage points and hear first hand experiences from veterans in the Life at Sea Exhibition! The Gun Turret Experience puts visitors right in the midst of a fierce battle – you’ll hear exactly what it would have sounded like when the ship opened fire in support of Allied troops on D-Day!

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