Borough Market Food Tour



Talks from market traders, tastings from experts and experienced guiding lets you learn about London through food.  We've sourced the best food the area has to offer to bring you a six-course roaming meal which will make you see the market and surrounding area in a deliciously new light. 


Explore the best of London's foodie scene with tastings from Borough market experts and private dining. Lead by ex-chef Charley.


Tour operates : Monday to Friday 10.30am and 2.30pm / Saturday 9.30am and 2.30pm.


Food Tour


(3 hours)

Breakfast meeting - Filling Breakfast in a secret cafe

British Charcuterie - Five different dried cured meats to try with a talk from specialist stall

Swiss cheese - Talk and five tastings from a family-owned cheese specialist

Chocolate demonstration - See and hear how chocolate is made, whilst eating a selection and sipping on a hot chocolate

Oysters and wine - Mersey Oysters and English wine, with a brief history of area by the River Thames

Choice of desserts at a tucked away pub - Classic British desserts in a dining room within London Bridge

£65 per adult / £35 per child (Max 10 per group)

Price includes all food and drink which is equivalent to a large meal. Do not eat before coming on tour!

Departs from Borough Tube Station.

‘Lovely combination of quirky places off the beaten track that you would never know existed without the guides’ in-depth knowledge of the area. The buzz of Borough Market with its produce and aromas was out of this world. Such a relaxing way to spend the afternoon!’ - Euseus

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